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Our most popular treatment

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Intuitive Readings

Do you need clarity with what to do or  where to head next. Or do you sort of know and are looking for confirmation.


Raise your Vibration

Learn how to access your natural intuitive abilities, promote insight

calm and healing. 

Live Every Tuesday

Do you need a quick answer to a question that has you unsure of what to do next? Then you are very welcome to join me live weekly on

IG: 9:30am

FB: 10:00am

YT:  10:30am


If you are unable to join the live, click below and send your question through. I will do my best to answer it during the next live. The most recent video will be uploaded here every week.


Deep Soul Dive






Ryland Tanaguchi
Ryco Capital, General Partner, Venture Capital & Private Equity 

The energetic healing session with Jaxin Brook has brought very clear divine downloads... My mission in life came super clear to me. The mission of ZDA Digital became crystal clear to me. Our mission is to help divine women grow their audiences to over 1 million so that they can be divinely compensated for their work...

...Start with a divinely downloaded mission statement. Like me I recommend that you hire Jaxin Brook for a healing session. She goes energetically through your body and knows things no one could possibly be knowing.

Thank you Jaxin.


Ingrid Arna, 
C.E.O, Million Dollar Brand Strategist & Wealth Activist at Ingrid Arna Pty Ltd

Jaxin has worked with me for the last few months and has been an amazing therapist and guide. If you get the chance to work with her and want a divine transformation hire this woman. Jaxin will call you on it, keep it real in truth and love so you will ascend. One warning, don't work with her if you want to stay stuck. This woman is gold.

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I highly recommend Jaxin Brook, whose intuitive work helped me more than I can articulate as I navigated my way through a toxic abusive relationship that almost caused me to lose my life.  

The work Jaxin did on me, gave me much needed insight, deep healing and increased my resilience, allowing me to ultimately make better decisions and break free of this relationship that was slowly eroding my self esteem and will to live.  Then just as importantly she then helped me heal after I had left so I didn’t bring the trauma in to future relationships.  Thank you Jaxin, what you do is a gift and I have recommended you to several friends who have all come away with positive experiences on how you have helped them, personally and professionally. I am now in the best relationship of my life with the most incredible man, I have found my love for myself and life again which I am profoundly grateful for.  

Live Passionately & Inspired in the Now..


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..be naturally you