Intuitive Energy Reads

  • 1-3 month Career, Business, Money forecast

    30 min

    75 Australian dollars
  • 1-6 month Career, Business, Money forecast

    45 min

    95 Australian dollars
  • 1-12 month Career, Business, Money forecast

    1 hr

    125 Australian dollars
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Give the gift of clarity, direction and energised loving connection.

Prices start at $75.00 to $225.00.


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Get Your Questions Answered

with Intuitive Jaxin Brook


I absolutely love Jaxin's intuitive readings ! 

I was really struggling mentally and emotionally with a few big things. Jaxin's insight on my questions helped me to come back

to centre and see more clearly as to the experiences I am having now and what's possibly to come in the future. My mind cleared, my heart softened and I could begin to trust the process again .  Thank you Jaxin , you have changed my life in ways I couldn't have ever imagined just in one, 1 hour reading.

—  Bree, Victoria, Australia