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 Feeling unclear, lacking answers and direction? A conversation together would most likely be very helpful.

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One on One Higher Level Coaching

If you are ready to stop playing small and stop hiding your vision in a place so only you can see it, then lets talk now.


Find out how you can own your power and your presence with divine ease and flow.

Group Coaching

Enrolments are now open for all  Online Groups

Limited to 6 Students

per group only. Next intake

commencing soon.


Choose your area of focus and bring it to fruition.

~Health ~Relationships 

~Career ~Business




Be Authentic

Be Aligned

Open your Heart 

& Live your Vision

Heart Centred


High Level Coach

& Aura Energy Activator

Hey There and Welcome,

The work I do here is for those who desire to live their highest vision but may not know exactly what that is or what to do about it. It is for those who have had enough of the same old same old and get that in reality they are the Creatrix, in charge of their life experience and know that possibility exists all around.

All of my focus is to support you in living your passion, being your authentic self and reaping the rewards of that. The energy clearing, soul aligning work that we do together, profound. It has you know your truth, speak and raise your vibration and make your vision real. 

I look forward to connecting with you.


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All Videos

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Why we should we work together

Cinti was first recommended to me by another of my wonderful clients, and at the time was working as a high end sales professional.

High quality results had always been important to her and we first worked together on her inability to put herself first and foremost.

It sounds bizarre, however Cinti would get to a certain level of success in her career and then would hit a glass ceiling that would inevitably see her sabotage her own deserved success.

 3 years later I have seen her blossom and transform powerfully into a woman she adores and loves.


Jaqueline Kama
Refresh Salons Australia
Founding Director

Jaxin is leading the way in living a life that you love by carving out that which she loves in her own life and continually stepping into what feels more aligned daily. She has always held a space in my heart for connection, clarity, truth and courage.


Ingrid Arna 
C.E.O, Million Dollar Brand Strategist & Wealth Activist at Ingrid Arna Pty Ltd

Jaxin has worked with me for the last few months and has been an amazing therapist and guide. If you get the chance to work with her and want a divine transformation hire this woman. Jaxin will call you on it, keep it real in truth and love so you will ascend. One warning, don't work with her if you want to stay stuck. This woman is gold.

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Rome Coates 
Creative Director 
@ Content Kings

I’ll tell you now. If this woman appears In your life when you least expect it but most need it, she is your sign and your gateway to building a better self. 18 months later I had 2 companies I am super passionate about, I am the fittest I’ve ever been, myself, self worth and belief is indestructible, everything that happens to me I know is a complete reflection of me and me only. I am accountable, I do what I say I’m going to do. And, I can confidently say I’m the best version of myself as a whole that I’ve ever been. 

Live Passionately & Inspired in the Now..


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Jaxin Brook

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