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If you are ready to stop playing small and stop hiding your vision in a place where only you can see it, then let's talk now. Find out how you can own your power and your presence with divine ease and flow.

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Calling All Creatives

If you are a visionary or a high performing business owner/entrepreneur who desires to ✨live into their ideal vision✨ & knows they are so done with the cycle of I’m not good enough, don’t know enough, have enough or will ever be enough 😄 And are ready to live the vision of your life and make it real. Then you need to read this now and find out if you have what it takes to create the life you know wasn't meant to be just a dream.

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Find Out If This Is The Game You Should Be Playing Or Not

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Training and Mentoring

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Jaxin Brook

The work that is done here is for those who desire to live their highest vision but may not know exactly what that is, how or what to do about it.  It is for those who have had enough of the same old same old and get that in reality they are the Creator, in charge of their life experience and know that possibility exists all around them.
All of our focus is to support you in living your passion, being your authentic self and reaping the rewards of that. The energy clearing, soul aligning work that we will do together, profound. It has you know your truth, speak your truth and raise your frequency and make your vision real.

Through energy work and coaching immersions, Jaxin Brook  has inspired many professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide to step into their purpose and their passion and live an abundant, authentic life.    

She has proven that it doesn't matter what your vision is, that if you have the desire, curiosity and the willingness to follow through on it that you can breath life into anything that once upon a time you thought was only just a dream.





Is So Unnecessary


Does This Sound Like You?

People decide to do the inner work because of what they want. It is usually the better job role and higher pay rate, a new business that has them living their passion and their purpose or to take where they are in their current business up another level. Some come because they are so focused on their work that their relationships are either non existent or hanging by a thread.

  • Do you feel like... your mojo has gone missing and are uninspired, frustrated, disappointed and secretly depressed?
  • Does it seem... that you do everything for everyone and you are so exhausted cynical and resigned and think that maybe this is as good as it gets?
  • Are you frustrated that... your hair is greying faster than the fruition of that goal you set to be doing what you love and making good money doing it? 
  • And when it comes down to it, are you..  worried you will never be able to get off that mouse wheel and leave the legacy you always wanted to for your family.​


Proven Outcomes


"A problem I was struggling with prior to working with Jax was my ability to be open to receiving and being in a real meaningful romantic connection without self sabotaging due to unresolved childhood traumas and unhealthy behavioural relationship patterns and beliefs. Since working with Jax I was able to be aware of and address these traumas and behavioural patterns, understand them, see why I created these patterns and beliefs in the first place and replace them with new, healthy patterns and beliefs that serve me in my adult life. Working with Jax is truly transformative and the best thing I ever did for myself.

Former Professional Athlete
Co-Founder & Co Director of
Not Another Detox Tea and 
The Yabish Fit App


"You have seen me transform and grow. Where I started as a woman when we first started.. ..I am literally in this waterfront apartment that I could have only dreamed of living in, I have successfully navigated a separation, your help and support was the biggest blessing.. Shifting from people pleasing, I use to hide and couldn't take a stand for myself, I was putting myself last, not standing in the power of who I was fully as a woman but also not fully enjoying my experience of being Cinti.
..The work you do is magical.. ..Jaxin is literally my ride or die, she is like my oracle, she is my confidant and I would like to say my friend. I cannot imagine not having you in my life, I love you Jaxin.

Property Partner
All Homes, Canberra


"I have been in business for nearly 18 years, throughout that time I have experienced many challenges, suffered huge losses and, achieved great success. As time went on I was struggling more and more to keep up the momentum and hold onto the passion I once had and got to a point where I wanted to quit and give it all away. Jaxin helped me completely change the way I look at life and how I run my businesses. The results have blown me away in every way. Financially I doubled my revenue within six months and I don’t know how because I didn’t put in any extra effort but I guess that is the genius of working with Jaxin. She has helped me fully understand my true value and how to live into that with confidence and ease.​

Managing Director 
BSG Commercial Pty Ltd


"Big dreams don’t happen alone and Jax is the secret sauce she has helped me in so many areas of my life. When I reached out to Jax this time,  I was struggling to process a traumatic life event. Jax held my hand and guided me through that healing process. It’s never external… what “happens” on the outside is a reflection of the inside and Jax helped me take ownership of that. I was deeply sad as a result of a recent experience and it felt like I would never be truly happy again. It’s amazing how in 8 short weeks I turned everything around, I felt worthy, happy and confident again. I feel very grateful that she is there to connect in with in different phases of my life to help guide me, she really is one in a million. This is the third time I’ve worked with her and it always gets better x

Co-Founder & Co Director
Not Another Detox Tea


"I'm an allied healthcare practitioner on the Gold Coast. I dived into opening my own business without any real thought or planning. After months of aimlessly pushing ahead with the business, I knew that I needed more direction. Enter Jaxin, the two most challenging subjects I had to work through was my self worth and, what I thought was a fair price in exchange for my time. After working through Jaxin's easy to follow steps I made the changes required that transformed me and my business. Each and every session helped me to clarify why I sought to go into business for myself. This was a huge shift of mindset to go from employee to director and owner of a business. Working with Jaxin gave me the tools to wear a confidence that I never would have discovered without her.

Business Owner
Chiro and Integrative Therapy


"Jaxin has changed my life!! Before working with Jaxin I had worked with several other counsellors and therapists. But the work that I have been able to achieve with Jaxin.. nothing before compares! She worked with me on clearing years of stories and learnings from when I was a child and how that currently affected my day-to-day life. She gave me helpful tips, tasks and goals for which she held me accountable. I had a lot of money blockages, and was always financially struggling. Now I am in a happy working full-time from home doing what I love and creating life on my own terms. I was always worthy and capable and Jaxin helped me find that within myself. So THANK YOU Jaxin, forever grateful!!

Founder and Director of
Social Scout Marketing &
Aleigha the Label


Transformative and Energetic 

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Week  1:  90 minute Aura Energy Clearing Treatment
Week 2: 90 minute Higher Level Coaching Assessment/Session
Week 3: 60 minute Intuitive 12 Month Direction Forecast


Release Realign and Rise

3 power packed sessions over 3 weeks.

  • ​Clear stress that has you blocked and locked physically mentally and emotionally.
  • Release limiting beliefs and behaviours that are draining your energy.
  • Start to rewrite the I don’t, I can’t, I’m not enough story that is smothering your life and suffocating your spirit.
  • Get ready to rise! Have more freedom, command and control over your life.

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Online Group Trainings

These group trainings are for those who are ready to take their life to the next level, and make it real. Are prepared to step inside of that vision in their minds eye, the detail of it, do the inner and practical work so they can bring into fruition what they previously thought would exist only in their imagination. 

Inside this training, you will discover:

  • ​The Gap between what you want and where you are now​ so you can make a clear plan ahead
  • The Core Limiting Belief that has been stopping you in your tracks from moving forward and go from victim mentality to an all out victory dance
  • ​Learn Your System Of Success that works 100% of the time
  • Take Control of your life by doing what you said you would and live a life you love
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One on one
coaching and consulting

ALL of your reality, including a prosperous business, raving clients and putting an end to having to scratch around to find your next dollar, starts with your ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT. So wherever you are you need to do something different and move out of your cosy comfort zone. 

With our Immersions you are guaranteed:

  • ​To  Know Who You Are, what you came here for and learn how to share your message and your magic
  • To Have a clear path and plan to bring your vision to fruition.
  • ​To Be able to stand fully in your authenticity. Knowing your truth, speaking your truth and are living a life of Passion Purpose and Profit
  • To Go Beyond, impossibility, imagine that! Whether it be in your business or career, your money and/or your relationships. Design a life that is uniquely you and your legacy 
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Save Yourself Time Energy and Money

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