What Others Say 


Shane N.

Managing Director

Real Estate Investing Australia


“Working with Jaxin has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined. Meeting her was a lucky day for me and having the opportunity to work with her over the past few years is an honour. She has been instrumental in my personal transformation, which is truly phenomenal!  There are a lot of excellent coaches out there, but she definitely ranks among the best of them all.  Her work speaks volumes about just how gifted she really is!  Her love of helping people really shines through in everything she does.  If you are feeling stuck or looking to take your life to the next level then book a session because as soon as you get started, any blocks that might be standing in your way will disappear into thin air thanks to this woman's magic touch!  Without hesitation, I would recommend her, and the incredible work that she does.”


Cinti Kyam

Property Partner

The Agency Canberra


Where I have ended up because of the work that we have done together, you have seen me transform and grow. Where I started as a woman when we first started..  ..I am literally in this waterfront apartment that I could have only dreamed of living in, I have successfully navigated a separation, your help and support was the biggest blessing.. Shifting from people pleasing, I use to hide and couldn't take a stand for myself, I was putting myself last, not standing in the power of who I was fully as a woman but also not fully enjoying my experience of being Cinti.  

..The work you do is magical.. ..I have done so much work with so many coaches and Jaxin is literally my ride or die, she is like my oracle, she is my confidant and I would like to say my friend. There is no other experience I have ever had with any other coach on this planet and trust me I have tried my fair share. I cannot imagine not having you in my life, thank you so so much for everything we have done so far and I just look forward to continuing to work with you for the rest of my life. I love you Jaxin.

Man Doing Floor Exercises


Business Owner

Thank you Jaxin for your program. It has surely identified the root of my lack and my money story’s origin. It was a total eye opener and now I see what is possible. I am continuing to apply and create a new story of abundance and especially being deserving of it.

Your guidance and exercises have steered me into a new direction that is both rewarding and less stressful. My biggest appreciation.


Dianna Moore

Sales Consultant

Prior to commencing the course I was working in a job managing a weight loss centre I was extremely time poor.  My youngest son was frequently ill from our busy rushed life style.  I was overwhelmed, stressed and trying to decide which direction to take. The simple processes that I worked through on the program produced rapid and dramatic improvement in my life. I would have previously expected to take years to overcome these issues with counselling.  I have learnt to take responsibility for the quality of my relationships by engaging in them authentically. My life has jumped ahead leaps and bounds. Thanks Jaxin.


Ilia Valdez

Visual Expressionist

Model - Actor


What I could say about Jaxin could fill a book, a statement anyone who has had the privilege of coming into contact with her would emphatically agree. Her gift is the gift of facilitating individuals in becoming more of themselves, transforming them into who they’re meant to be, challenging us, guiding us to let go of destructive patterns, behaviours, traumas; but also learning where they stem from, to understand, acknowledge them, to truly move forward. Supporting us in finding the courage within ourselves, to give permission to go where we’ve never gone before, & become who we’ve never been, letting go of what we think we know, to allow space for what could be. For me, the instant, and at times instantaneous results were in my relationship to myself, & how I perceived the world around me; which then extended to my interactions with my daughter, which then naturally progressed into the people I surround myself with, or should I say came into my life during this process, work wise & personally. There was an ease of self, & my interpersonal relationships, where there previous was none. My expression, creativity, connectiveness, quality & depth of my work has amplified exponentially; how my clients have responded, is the icing on the cake. To recognise what has been accomplished thanks to Jaxin in such little time, builds so much excitement and anticipation in what I know I am capable of creating, and what is in store for me in the future. 

This process has been far from easy, as I knew it wouldn’t be. Tears, breakdowns, fear, doubt, frustration, anger, resentment. The whole kit & caboodle, as it should be. To break away from a lifetime of entrainment & conditioning is no small feat.

To say it has been worth it, feels like the penultimate understatement. This has not just changed me; it has changed my life.

Jaxin, has changed my life.


Aleki Schaumkel

Brothers United Pty Ltd

Creative Director

With your support I have grown in my marriage and are now living my passion as a coach and consultant. I am very appreciative. For you Jaxin 'Amazing teachers create other Amazing teachers.


Jacqueline Kama

Refresh Salons Australia 

Founding Director


Jaxin is leading the way in living a life that you love by carving out that which she loves in her own life and continually stepping into what feels more aligned daily. 

She has always held a space in my heart for connection, clarity, truth and courage. 

I have been in several of Jaxin’s courses and sessions that I have had the clarity to step into my why and my what’s next. 

Highly recommend the call to work further with Jaxin


Ryland Taniguchi

Ryco Capital

General Partner, Venture Capital & Private Equity 


The energetic healing session with Jaxin Brook has brought very clear divine downloads... My mission in life came super clear to me. The mission of ZDA Digital became crystal clear to me. Our mission is to help divine women grow their audiences to over 1 million so that they can be divinely compensated for their work...

...Start with a divinely downloaded mission statement. Like me I recommend that you hire Jaxin Brook for a healing session. She goes energetically through your body and knows things no one could possibly be knowing.

Thank you Jaxin.

Ingrid Arna.jpg

Ingrid Arna

C.E.O, Million Dollar Brand Strategist & Wealth Activist

at Ingrid Arna Pty Ltd


Jaxin has worked with me for the last few months and has been an amazing therapist and guide. If you get the chance to work with her and want a divine transformation hire this woman. Jaxin will call you on it, keep it real in truth and love so you will ascend. One warning, don't work with her if you want to stay stuck. This woman is gold.


Patrice Douglas

Global Coach and Mentor


Jaxin is a powerful healer and such a beautiful and calm person to be with. I would highly recommend her services. She helped me let go of some ineffective patterns that were holding me back in my life. I am so grateful.

Mature Woman Laughing


Having just completed a 4 week block of consults after an Aura reading I can honestly say Jaxin has a wonderful way of accessing what I was wanting to create for myself. Her patience and persistence to support me to stay focused and keep going one step at a time. i was unable to get out of my own way and she has enabled me to go beyond my self limiting beliefs and step up into what I really want. I was unable to do this on my own.Thank you so so much Jaxin. I can highly recommend working with Jaxin.


Nicole Browne

I did a 'Where am I at' assessment with Jaxon and it has been incredibly beneficial for me to really look into areas of my life that need my care and focus, to see why patterns are playing out over and over. Jaxon heard me, her clarity and insight allowed me to look at what was really going on, to feel into it then know I can step out of the rut that is playing out. After the assessment, she gave me tools to use to help me move forward from there and play my life at a higher level. She has a gift of allowing you to see the icky and the great, and moving you forward to live the life you really want to live.

She is the best!


Bree Turkington

Founder of Bree Outdoors

Outdoor Health and Wellbeing Adventurer 


Through Jaxins coaching program I was able to reconnect with what I am passionate about and to break through old belief patterns that were holding me back from following my dreams.  Jaxin is very intuitive and is able to dig deep to find out what drives people and make them come alive.  Thank you Jaxin, without you I would have never followed my heart to Hawaii, you changed my life.

Rome Coates.jpg

Rome Coates

Creative Director

at Content Kings

Wow, Where do I start with this miracle woman?

I had completely hit rock bottom, not knowing what my purpose was here on earth, I had a habit blaming everything else for the things going wrong in my life, I had fallen out of a relationship I was deeply emerged in, I thought the world was out to get me, I was self entitled, I had a mindset I wasn’t good enough to achieve this that and the other, I worked a career that sucked my soul....I was in a shit place. Once I had hit rock bottom and had nowhere else to go. Jaxin appeared in my life. I’ll tell you now. If this woman appears In your life when you least expect it but most need it, she is your sign and your gateway to building a better self.

 ​18 months later I had 2 companies I am super passionate about, I am the fittest I’ve ever been, myself, self worth and belief is indestructible, everything that happens to me I know is a complete reflection of me and me only. I am accountable, I do what I say I’m going to do. And, I can confidently say I’m the best version of myself as a whole that I’ve ever been. I’m not perfect and I still fall into small potholes from my past from time to time but I am human.

​​​If anyone feels like they can relate to my story, or feels like they need some guidance- you know what needs to change but unsure of how to get there. Take it from Someone who invested in himself to make the change and shift where I was to where I am now. I owe you my life Jaxin.

Deb Shearer.jpg

Deb Shearer

Writer and Raw Food Consultant

Jaxin has a unique method of combining business and heart to access your deepest desires and gently nurture them forth from the layers of intellectual reasoning that hold them captive. Calling you to take action and turn them into a business reality, Jaxin sees, honours and acknowledges you and your greatest potential” A professional and holistic approach to business coaching with magical surprises along the way!

Melissa Redman.jpg

Melissa Redman

Teacher and Facilitator of Be Your Best Self Workshops

I am a primary school teacher. I worked with Jaxin because I wanted to create a vision that I act on and live into being my authentic self. What I got from doing the program is that I do have a unique gift and message to share especially with children. I have created and stepped into running workshops called 'Be Your Best Self' teaching children to value themselves more and to have confidence to allow themselves to shine.

Thanks Jaxin.

Sudevi Sundari.jpg

Sudevi Sundari

Founder of Yoga Paramgati


I was feeling stuck, uninspired and frustrated with my career. I had the great fortune to meet Jaxin and I am now well on track with my purpose, working with my gifts and abilities.  My relationships have become more real and honest, I am inspired, new opportunities have presented themselves and I have a whole new outlook about what I can achieve. I totally recommend Jaxin's expertise to find out what makes you happiest in your life and your career.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Dr Kate Shapland

Dr of Medicine and Access Facilitator

I did both one on one and group training with Jaxin and found the courses very helpful and supportive. It was a safe environment to explore difficult issues, and very exciting to do some different procedures.

I found it beneficial to share some issues with others on the course and the emotional/spiritual part of the training was enlightening and helped me get out of my comfort zone and to get some positive changes actually happening.

Film Clapboard



I started the course as a young man who had learnt a lot about the culture of sustainable living. I had a deep desire to contribute my skills to this industry.  I was so immobilised by the pressure I placed upon myself to do this successfully, I could hardly act. I had Ideas but no capacity to deliver my message through a product or service. Who do I know myself to be today? A courageous, persistent student of small business management. An entertainer with talent and a positive message for sustainable living. A strong young man, eager to learn more and continue taking action toward what I love. Understanding of my own ability and not so violently critical of myself. Eager to balance work and play. I could probably go on, but this will do for the gloating right now. Am I on track with my purpose. Yes. Absolutely yes. Sometimes a bit disorganised and frustrated, but being my own boss is meant to be fun and each day I am strengthening in that regard. I am not so much choosing my projects to work on I am setting my intention and choosing what opportunities I want to do that show up. I check in if they are in alignment with what I want to learn, live and share. If yes pursue. If no, leave for somebody else to have and do.  Here is a list of what I have gained from doing Jaxin's coaching. Clarity. Clarity and a bit more clarity. A fresh relationship with self. I am more playful, forgiving and nurturing. Not letting panic ruin my day.  Allowing doubt to be digested. To sleep and return when rested. Assurance, that I have skills, that I have something to offer and that I will deliver. Expressing who I am, what I do and what I dream. Talking and walking what I am and what I want. Being in allowance of my next step. Upon completion I can breathe again. I have never felt so capable and qualified to pursue my passion through entertainment. Deliver a message of hope for a world less polluted without becoming a deranged hippie activist. Hell Yeah!

Sharon Steele-Davies.jpg

Sharon Steele-Davies

Lover of the environment and sustainable living 

Here we are at the end of this part of our journey together.  I want to thank you from my heart for your patience, compassion and invaluable guidance.  Your ability to go wherever necessary and to do whatever it takes to make changes at a foundational level, is truly remarkable.  I certainly would not have been able to do it without you.

Prior to Career by Design I was constantly “doing” for others and fearful of stepping out in my own right. Thinking others knew more/better what was best for me. Feeling “less than” in so many areas of my life. Through the process of finding my purpose and what I wanted to contribute, for myself and others, has been an amazing journey through the many highs and lows. I had been around the same circuit forever so it has taken some deep digging to get me out of the grove that I had previously been unable to get out of.

I got for myself to trust in myself and my intuition.  Acceptance of self and others.

I learnt that I have a system which works for me of being methodical, systematic and structured while also allowing intuition, creativity and flexibility – yes they can co-exist!  To keep taking action! even if it is baby steps. ACTION, ACTION, ACTION pause and on that, that a pause is just a pause, not the end, it is time to re-gather and re-assess.  I have come to understand that sometimes goals change along the way and that is OK. Duty to myself before others works well.  To be authentic, even if you think it is going to upset someone else ensures good flow and that having compassion for myself and others is not just important but an absolute.  Working with you Jaxin and getting use to saying NO to others or situations has had me realise that it does not necessarily mean that it has to be wrong or bad, it’s just not right for me, at the time.  I have gained confidence in my own abilities and through that came peace of mind, knowing I am doing/being the best I can be.

I am sure there is so much more that I could add to this list, that I am unable to bring to mind right now. It is difficult to remember how I was before we started. I view things so differently, it has literally turned my world upside down. I feel deeply honoured that you have stuck with me when I am sure at times you must have felt I was just not getting it. All along the way Jaxin you have had the patience of a Saint and kept along side me, which encouraged me to keep going. I have learned so much about myself that I really had not acknowledged was there (yes the good, bad and the ugly). You have given me the tools to enable me to take action. It has been so worth it, your intuitive heart centered coaching has cleared so much of what was in the way of me achieving my purpose and living a fulfilling life. I am excited and looking forward to living an authentic life of contribution. Thanks Jaxin.  

Erin Lanahan.jpeg

Erin Lanahan

Alignment and Flow Coach, Yoga Teacher, Mind Body Spirit Mentor


“Happiness is really a deep harmonious inner satisfaction and approval.” ~Francis Wilshire


This is a word we often toss around, but what does it truly mean? Perhaps the meaning of it ultimately resides within its beholder. I know I have certainly achieved my own understanding of what acceptance means to me and for me, and so far, this definition is ever evolving.

On November 6, 2013, I returned to the United States after having lived in Australia for two and a half years. I spent the majority of my time there studying and practicing yoga and teaching yoga and meditation.

As a teacher, I had to face my attachment to the experience my students had or did not have. I feared that I would not be good enough, that somehow they would find fault in my delivery, and that I would ultimately not be accepted.

Now, let’s be clear, this fear was no new fear. It had haunted me all my life. Becoming a yoga and meditation teacher was just one of the divine blessings that brought this fear to the surface for me to clear and overcome, like nothing had been able to before it.

At the end of last year, I traveled to the Oneness University in India. For thirty-one days we went through many classes, ancient rituals, and ceremonies, and had an abundance of time and opportunity to see ourselves clearly.

The monks lovingly guided us to look at our unconscious fear, pain, suffering, and inauthentic actions.

This was extremely confronting, because most of us had no idea we were operating on a level of such fear.

After that, I went back to Australia and spent the next five months falling apart as I became aware of so much inner dissatisfaction and disapproval. Holy Moly! I sometimes wondered if I’d ever come through it.

During this time, I did some coaching with a woman named Jaxin Brook. In our initial consultation, it became clear how much I longed to feel like I fit somewhere, like I belonged, like I was completely accepted.

She helped me see how I had been going about this with external efforts; I thought if I could up my career game, or perhaps if I moved back to America, or got married, then maybe I would “fit in.”

The truth was, I suffered from internal rejection and an inability to feel like what I was offering, who I was, and where I was at in my life were good enough.

Awareness is the most effective tool for helping me shift from fear to love, from criticism to compassion, and from conditional to unconditional love.

Awakening begins with seeing.

Once I become aware of the way I am currently operating—meaning I can see the inner critic, the judgments, the fear, and the stories—the awareness alone brings light to the darkness or consciousness to the unconscious. This brings about an automatic shift in perception. So for me, inner satisfaction and approval depend on my level of inner awareness.

Between working with Jaxin and watching a TED talk by Brené Brown on vulnerability, I began to experience a profound shift. There was a specific message that I received, and that message was this:

“Acceptance comes as a result of sharing what’s in our hearts, regardless of the outcome.”

It clicked. I understood that acceptance was no one else’s responsibility. It was my own. The first step toward it was vulnerability. Vulnerability is courageous. Courage comes from the Latin word cor, which means heart.

I began to share what was in my heart, regardless of the outcome, in my classes, with my boyfriend, with my clients, with my friends, in my articles, and I began to experience something beautiful.

Showing up and sharing was no longer about the feedback or responses I got from others. It was about me doing my part. It was about showing up as the best version of myself, without hiding the things I assumed other people wouldn’t love.

I began to apply this into my daily life as a spiritual practice. I began to give fully, to speak my truth openly, to share what was in my heart each day, regardless of the outcome, and I experienced the joy of connecting with people like never before.

I was no longer trying to be perfect, but rather letting them see me exactly the way I was.

I was finally able to see my boyfriend through loving eyes, becoming aware of everything that was awesome about him instead of picking out what was wrong about him.

I was able to share, personally and professionally, from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. I was no longer taking responsibility for what others did or did not get from my sharing, because I knew my only job was to generously and unconditionally give what sat in my heart and to surrender the rest.

As a result, my relationships became even more powerful, even more mutually nourishing, and even more effective.

Everything began to flow in abundant ways after this awareness blossomed within me, which has been a huge help for me now that I am back in the U.S. and spending time with family.

Our loved ones have the ability to show us our deepest, darkest corners of insecurity, self-judgments, and inner disapproval.

As a result, we typically end up pointing the finger at them and complaining about how imperfect they are. This trip home has been different for me than trips in the past.

I have always assumed my family thinks certain things, that they judge me, or are disappointed in me for not being what they may have wanted me to be.

Now, however, when I see myself in conversations with them and the old programs come up, telling these stories of their disapproval of me, in that moment I can soften. I can recognize the pain that is present in us all in that moment. I can have compassion for them and myself.

I can reaffirm that I know who I am, I know what I’ve achieved in my life, and I know what amazing things I am up to; and therefore, I don’t have to demand their approval.

I can consciously choose to let go of the old stories, the boxes I have put us in, the need to prove anything, and instead I can re-examine things with fresh eyes that have only one goal: to love myself and them.

Even if my assumptions about my family were right, which is unlikely, with inner satisfaction and approval, I can still be happy and okay in the face of other people who may think, feel, and see things differently than I do.

Awareness is what opens the pair of internal eyes that we need to see what is going on onside of us. Awareness will shine the inner flashlight on the internal fear and criticism. It will show us where we are currently operating and offer us the opportunity to upgrade.

I am not inviting you to fix or change yourself. I simply invite you to turn on the flashlight within and see what happens. I invite you to become willing to surrender to the process that will follow such awareness, and to stay committed to your intention to accept yourself and others.


Quincy Hewitt

Athletes for Athletes Official

Co-founder, Professional Footballer turned Online Entrepreneur

I had so much resistance in sharing this story as I feel healing is a deeply personal journey. Mine is. I also understand there is no one size fits all approach with this process so take what I say with a of salt if it doesn’t resonate with you. Someone shared their story with me and the ripple effect of that changed the course of my life.... the ultimate ripple being Jaxin Brook.

I guess I started like most people, thinking that I knew the moments in my life that caused me “trauma” and therefore what I needed to “fix.”  I was so wrong! I did an energy healing session with an incredible woman who showed me that I had a deep / dark void in my life. Did she really have to use those words? All I did was cry this first session. The ugly snot bubble kind. Tears from the deepest darkest part of me, and they felt endless. I had two choices that day, pretend my healing session with her had “worked” and go back to repeating patterns that no longer served me, as I was always so focused on my mindset and not my soul and it’s alignment. Or, actually face my shit, walk the road of healing and uncover the subconscious beliefs I had formed as a result of childhood trauma that were holding me back from living the life I know I am destined to live?

I know it sounds fucking woo-woo but it could not be further from the truth. There was no fairy dust, crystals or chanting in a hut. Just hard confronting work. Uncomfortable conversations, stepping back into dark places I didn’t think I’d come back from and seeing things that I had completely blanked from my memory bank. It was raw, it cost me money and time and it forced me to show up for myself like I have never done before. This is self love. Those who face the dragon, get the gold is an old saying that resonates with my healing journey. There was no gold but what I got from it was far more valuable. I faced my darkness and I found me (surprise, I ammmm the gold haha).
They say a disciplined healthy mind can transcend anything. I dare you to add a healed, completely aligned soul and I promise, you will have the keys to your kingdom. I literally cried tears of gratitude when I realised my healing journey was the path home to myself.  It took me 33 years but I made it. My biggest value in relationships is deep connection and I wasn’t even connected to myself. What the fuck. I want to be the greatest woman, daughter, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur, philanthropist I can be... that’s genuinely my goal. I want to leave a positive impact on the people around me. I want girls born in small country towns everywhere to know that they are worthy of living the life of their dreams, no matter the obstacles on their path. Jax helped me step into this woman.
We uncover and rewrite limiting beliefs. We got clear on my values, the path I want to walk and along the way heal the old energy that no longer aligns with where I’m going. She holds me accountable when it comes to taking action. She upgrades my energy just being her friend. She helped me relight the fire. We talk about money, a lot. We talk about love, the deeply connected kind. We talk about my fears (which always sound crazy when I say them out loud) and my self worth and what I attract because of them. She can read my energy so I can’t hide and to be honest I don’t want to, I’m done hiding. This is how I see “healing / self development / mentorship” - If you want to be a pro athlete (as I once was) you work with coaches / trainers / mentors. Why? Because they know how to do what you want to do. I had multiple speed, strength, conditioning & football coaches throughout my football career. Without them I would not have won two National championships. The same is true in life. It’s your own game and to “win” (what ever that means to you) you need professionals who have been where we want to go so you can up level. Jax is the ultimate coach. Not only does she help you from the inside out (which is what actually matters) she also gives you practical real life steps to take in order to achieve what it is you want. If you are reading this it was because you were meant to. Trust that and let my message be a positive ripple for you.


Jayne Caldwell

Athletes for Athletes Official

Co-founder, Professional Footballer turned Online Entrepreneur

Not so long age I decided to embark on a journey of self development, coming to that decision wasn’t as easy as it sounds. 


When I first heard about Jax it was from a close friend of mine who had done one of her courses. At the time I didn’t think much of it and was proud of my friend for his growth but didn’t think I would have to do anything like that. He gave me her number just in case one day I wanted to go and see her. 


One night I was sitting on my bed going through a dark time feeling completely worthless and I knew at that moment I had to make a change. I thought about my friend and how he had worked with someone that had helped him through his dark time so I pulled up the number he had given me and I stared at it- do I call? Do I message? I called and hung up straight away and decided to message instead. I started to write this message to Jax to see if I could come in to see her for an energy session and in the middle of writing this message she called me back. I was shocked. I thought I hung up before it rang through. I decided to answer and at that moment my life changed. Jax without even knowing was the hand I needed to pull me out of my dark hole. We spoke and I booked in to come and do an energy healing session with her. 


During the session I learned a lot about myself and why I was the way I was in relationships. It stemmed a lot deeper than I thought, all the way back to my childhood. When I knew I had more work to do I decided that doing the Luscious Love 12 week course with Jax was exactly what I needed to do to work through all of that deep hidden trauma I had been unknowingly carrying around with me my whole life. 


During those 12 weeks I had to get really uncomfortable and revisit places I had buried deep inside a long time ago and I had to give myself permission to no longer be a prisoner of my past and let those things I was holding onto so tightly, go. 


Throughout the course I had to shift my mindset on beliefs I had instilled in me since I was a child. I had to break generational cycles so the I could embrace new ones and I learned a new more positive language. 


You don’t realise how powerful the mind is until you start to try and master it. I’m so thankful to Jax for genuinely being there for me, listening to me and truly helping me out of a dark time and help transform me into the beautiful goddess I am today. 


I’ve always been a girl with big dreams and now I’m a woman with clear vision that positively impacts the world all thanks to the magical guidance of Jaxin Brook. 


If you are reading this because you’re looking for a change and you’re in an unknown dark place like I was then I hope my message motivates you to take the helping hand of Jaxin Brook as she will change your life like she did mine.