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Why we should we work together

Cinti was first recommended to me by another of my wonderful clients, and at the time was working as a high end sales professional.

High quality results had always been important to her and we first worked together on her inability to put herself first and foremost.

It sounds bizarre, however Cinti would get to a certain level of success in her career and then would hit a glass ceiling that would inevitably see her sabotage her own deserved success.

 3 years later I have seen her blossom and transform powerfully into a woman she adores and loves.


Cholena Anderson

Speech Pathologist

I want to let you know how much I appreciate you Jaxin. Thank you so much for helping me learn to believe in myself and to trust my inner knowing. You have made such a beautiful healing and freeing impact on my life. As I sit here nursing my beautiful baby, remembering how you helped me believe for her and her arrival and what I needed to do to get out of my own way, I am filled with gratitude. I hope you always know how much of a beautiful impact you have on people and the world around you.


Shane N.

Managing Director

Real Estate Investing Australia


“Working with Jaxin has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined. Meeting her was a lucky day for me and having the opportunity to work with her over the past few years is an honour. She has been instrumental in my personal transformation, which is truly phenomenal!  There are a lot of excellent coaches out there, but she definitely ranks among the best of them all.  Her work speaks volumes about just how gifted she really is!  Her love of helping people really shines through in everything she does.  If you are feeling stuck or looking to take your life to the next level then book a session because as soon as you get started, any blocks that might be standing in your way will disappear into thin air thanks to this woman's magic touch!  Without hesitation, I would recommend her, and the incredible work that she does.”


Cinti Kyam

Property Partner

The Agency Canberra


Where I have ended up because of the work that we have done together, you have seen me transform and grow. Where I started as a woman when we first started..  ..I am literally in this waterfront apartment that I could have only dreamed of living in, I have successfully navigated a separation, your help and support was the biggest blessing.. Shifting from people pleasing, I use to hide and couldn't take a stand for myself, I was putting myself last, not standing in the power of who I was fully as a woman but also not fully enjoying my experience of being Cinti.  

..The work you do is magical.. ..I have done so much work with so many coaches and Jaxin is literally my ride or die, she is like my oracle, she is my confidant and I would like to say my friend. There is no other experience I have ever had with any other coach on this planet and trust me I have tried my fair share. I cannot imagine not having you in my life, thank you so so much for everything we have done so far and I just look forward to continuing to work with you for the rest of my life. I love you Jaxin.

Man Doing Floor Exercises


Business Owner

Thank you Jaxin for your program. It has surely identified the root of my lack and my money story’s origin. It was a total eye opener and now I see what is possible. I am continuing to apply and create a new story of abundance and especially being deserving of it.

Your guidance and exercises have steered me into a new direction that is both rewarding and less stressful. My biggest appreciation.


Quincy Hewitt

Athletes for Athletes Official

Co-founder, Professional Footballer turned Online Entrepreneur

I had so much resistance in sharing this story as I feel healing is a deeply personal journey. Mine is. I also understand there is no one size fits all approach with this process so take what I say with a of salt if it doesn’t resonate with you. Someone shared their story with me and the ripple effect of that changed the course of my life.... the ultimate ripple being Jaxin Brook.

I guess I started like most people, thinking that I knew the moments in my life that caused me “trauma” and therefore what I needed to “fix.”  I was so wrong! I did an energy healing session with an incredible woman who showed me that I had a deep / dark void in my life. Did she really have to use those words? All I did was cry this first session. The ugly snot bubble kind. Tears from the deepest darkest part of me, and they felt endless. I had two choices that day, pretend my healing session with her had “worked” and go back to repeating patterns that no longer served me, as I was always so focused on my mindset and not my soul and it’s alignment. Or, actually face my shit, walk the road of healing and uncover the subconscious beliefs I had formed as a result of childhood trauma that were holding me back from living the life I know I am destined to live?

I know it sounds fucking woo-woo but it could not be further from the truth. There was no fairy dust, crystals or chanting in a hut. Just hard confronting work. Uncomfortable conversations, stepping back into dark places I didn’t think I’d come back from and seeing things that I had completely blanked from my memory bank. It was raw, it cost me money and time and it forced me to show up for myself like I have never done before. This is self love. Those who face the dragon, get the gold is an old saying that resonates with my healing journey. There was no gold but what I got from it was far more valuable. I faced my darkness and I found me (surprise, I ammmm the gold haha).
They say a disciplined healthy mind can transcend anything. I dare you to add a healed, completely aligned soul and I promise, you will have the keys to your kingdom. I literally cried tears of gratitude when I realised my healing journey was the path home to myself.  It took me 33 years but I made it. My biggest value in relationships is deep connection and I wasn’t even connected to myself. What the fuck. I want to be the greatest woman, daughter, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur, philanthropist I can be... that’s genuinely my goal. I want to leave a positive impact on the people around me. I want girls born in small country towns everywhere to know that they are worthy of living the life of their dreams, no matter the obstacles on their path. Jax helped me step into this woman.
We uncover and rewrite limiting beliefs. We got clear on my values, the path I want to walk and along the way heal the old energy that no longer aligns with where I’m going. She holds me accountable when it comes to taking action. She upgrades my energy just being her friend. She helped me relight the fire. We talk about money, a lot. We talk about love, the deeply connected kind. We talk about my fears (which always sound crazy when I say them out loud) and my self worth and what I attract because of them. She can read my energy so I can’t hide and to be honest I don’t want to, I’m done hiding. This is how I see “healing / self development / mentorship” - If you want to be a pro athlete (as I once was) you work with coaches / trainers / mentors. Why? Because they know how to do what you want to do. I had multiple speed, strength, conditioning & football coaches throughout my football career. Without them I would not have won two National championships. The same is true in life. It’s your own game and to “win” (what ever that means to you) you need professionals who have been where we want to go so you can up level. Jax is the ultimate coach. Not only does she help you from the inside out (which is what actually matters) she also gives you practical real life steps to take in order to achieve what it is you want. If you are reading this it was because you were meant to. Trust that and let my message be a positive ripple for you.


Jayne Caldwell

Athletes for Athletes Official

Co-founder, Professional Footballer turned Online Entrepreneur

Not so long age I decided to embark on a journey of self development, coming to that decision wasn’t as easy as it sounds. 


When I first heard about Jax it was from a close friend of mine who had done one of her courses. At the time I didn’t think much of it and was proud of my friend for his growth but didn’t think I would have to do anything like that. He gave me her number just in case one day I wanted to go and see her. 


One night I was sitting on my bed going through a dark time feeling completely worthless and I knew