This next piece

Is usually what I would go over in a Values Coaching session.



Now that you have your values in the list of the results they are currently showing up as, in your current career experience. 


Step 1.  Put them into the following structure, as below



My top 5 Values:  I pay attention to Daily


My values to 10:  I pay attention to Weekly


My values 11-20 onwards:  I pay attention to Monthly


My values from 20 onwards: get a look in every once and awhile



Step 2. Go through your list and feel into where you are in relationship to your ideal vision of that career.  To do this close your eyes and get a sense of where you are on a scale of 0-100%, with 0 being no where near it, to 100% it is fully your experience.


Step 3.  Now look at especially, your number 1 value, and go okay this is where I am at now, what does 5% up look like?  Be very detailed in your description of it What does it look like, what are you doing, who are you doing it with.  What do you see, hear, feel, taste, know. 


Step 4.  Looking around in your current reality, what can you do easily or add that will have you move toward what you are wanting, is it an action, is it a state of being?

The how to go about it is to be Honest – Open and Willing.


Before to long you will notice your environment and experience you are having within it, change.  As you change inwardly, your relatedness to what you are doing changes outwardly.


An Example for you:

Authenticity is my Number 1 Career value I am currently at 85%


1. Authenticity     85%

To me authenticity mean, inspiration, energy, freedom, creativity, joy, fun, expression, happiness and abundance of it in my work.

90% for me looks like

To give you some background, I have started writing a new 16 week program called 3 Steps to Financial Empowerment. 

90% will have me putting the finishing touches on it.  It will mean all the content has been written.  I see myself at my desk I have been pouring all of myself into this project and I am so happy with what has come through and the first copy is now complete.  I feel so solid in what I am doing, it is a great feeling.

So for me what I will need to do is break my steps down and you may or may not have to, this is sitting here for me now as I write this.

What I will do is go from 90% back to 89% and write what that looks like.  Then I will go back to 88%, 87%...


When I get to 85% I will have all of the steps that I need to take first and then I will get on with that without thinking how it is all going to look at 90%, 86% and what I write there will be my focus.


Another handy thing to do is, to put in a time frame for yourself, give yourself the accountability of time, or even tell a friend or partner what you are doing so they can check in with you along the way.


Most of all though

Have Fun with it

Your life is worth taking the time to craft and design exactly how you want.



If you need any help or clarification let me know.

0433 079 394