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Q. August is the month to..

..and the next question I have for you is 

"What are you waiting for?"

And if you are putting off again and again  what you do really want this extremely fabulous gift valued at over $2000.00 may actually get you across the line to do something about it

If it is a YES for you it will definitely make your day.

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Previous to my mother passing, she had come to me 3 months earlier when I was in a deep meditation and told me she was ready. Well I told her didn't I, that she wasn't allowed because I wasn't ready. She laughed at me and she said well, I'm going. I cried that day like a baby. When she left I tripped over and fell in a hole, for about 2 months wondering what life really was all about.

She came to me in a vision once again and said I love you but GET UP you have work to do. With her words of deep love and a sense of humour that was uniquely her I was inspired to get up, move, dance, say yes to life again and breathe in the fullness in a way I never had before. Today as I write this I have never been so happy in my life than I am right now.


..whatever currently has you in a hole, know that it's temporary.

that there is a time to be quiet, in the background and getting through your day moment by moment.

Is it nurturing you, nourishing you, then stay there for now, it is exactly what you need.

If it has you hiding out, afraid to admit you have dreams and afraid to move forward..

then GET UP, you have work to do and it is time.


No one ever has it all figured out, so stop thinking that you have to wait for the right time, a better mood, a good feeling, more money or a sign! No one is ever perfectly put together and experiencing 24 hour bliss, however, what we do have in common is we have everything inside of us right now to have more and more bliss in our lives right here right now by aligning with our truth and making it real in the world.


You are welcome to connect with me and have a chat, no matter how long it's been between conversations. It is nice just to stay connected and share with each other what has been going on in our worlds. And no, I won't try to sign you up for anything, we can just chat.


For those who are ready to GET UP and do some work, click the link below and lets connect and find out what is in store for you :)


Anthony Mijoc,
Creative Director and Partner at
Mijoc and Socks

During our sessions, Jaxin helped me find my voice and believe in my own strength. Through her exceptional ability to shift energy, she helped me release past pain and step into a place of healing and growth. She is a legend!!! 

Aleigha Noney 
Creative @ Social Scout Digital Marketing & Aleigha the Label

Before working with Jaxin I had worked with several other counsellors and therapists. But the work that I have been able to achieve with Jaxin…nothing before compares! She worked with me on clearing years of stories and learnings from when I was a child and how that currently affected my day-to-day life. 


Nik Kokotovich
Company Owner at BSG Commercial

The results have blown me away in every way. Financially I have doubled my revenue in the last six months and I don’t know how because I didn’t put in any extra effort but I guess that is the genius of working with Jaxin. Jaxin has helped me fully understand my true value as a person and how to live into that with confidence and ease and the results are still coming through every day bigger and better! 

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