A quick summary of what you will be covering


Hear your truth, crystal clear, defined and specific

Learn to Love fully

Dispel the myth of separation and that you are not enough

Discover instaneous expansion of yourself

Explore the hidden territories that put a wall between who you are and what you want

Hear the sound of your inner voice and respond to it with love

Train yourself in the area of discipline and commitment

Understand why your journey is the most important journey of all

Uncover and lift the veil between what is real and true and what is not

Yes you can purchase all 12 wonderful and hugely discounted services.

   *  Yes you can purchase them all for yourself or you can gift them to a                friend or family member for Chrissy.

   *  Yes each discounted special is only available one time per person.

   *  Yes they must be purchased before the 25th December 2016

   *  Yes they do have an expiry date and must be used by March 31st 2017.

   *  Yes you can call the office on 0433 079 394 or email me at                              hello@jaxinbrook.com if you have any other queries.

Free Monthly Meditation Class

Life is full and life is busy. Is it time to clear your mind, cleanse your energy and rebalance yourself. Surround yourself with like-minded others. Bring your support, be supportive, be supported. If you want to clear some 'Stuff' energetically rebalance, feel renewed and refreshed then this is exactly the class for you.

Make 2017 count and make your Self, your Health and your State of Mind your priority. Next class on is December 11th 2016.

Aura Energy Consultation

It is a 60-90 minute consultation, specifically designed so that you can get clarity around a current issue you are having and are feeling stuck or blocked in.  What will show up energetically is how you are communicating to yourself and to others about the issue or challenge you are having.  Also what will read in your energy is the results that are showing up in your physical world on a daily basis,  where the core problem most likely stems from and what you can do about it now so that you can move through the problem you are having step by step and change the experience that you are currently having to a more positive one.

1x Higher Level Coaching Session Usually $125.00 now $75

A personal one on one session that helps you look at your current challenge, establish the current issue and get clear about what is needed next.  With a clear action plan to implement over the following four weeks you will create the impact and change you have been looking for to help you move towards more of what you are wanting.

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Coaching 12pack Usually $1200.00 now $750

Live authentically and be on purpose with who you are and what you are ultimately here to do. You will impact your life and the lives of others.  Core beliefs are probably the most difficult of our thought patterns to change because they are so deeply ingrained and believed to be true.  One on one Higher Level Coaching provides you with the guidance, support, accountability and focused strategy required to make transformational change at this level.

'Where Am I At' Clarity Session - Usually $175.00 now $97

A personal one on one session that helps you look at your current challenge, establish the current issue and underlying belief that is getting in your way of what it is you are wanting. You will gain clarity about what has been happening and why and have the action steps needed that will create the biggest impact and help you move forward.

90 min Aura Energy Massage Usually $220.00 Now $149

Imagine relaxation meets Self Awareness. This treatment is designed so you can enjoy exactly that in the luxury of your home. This is an easy, don't have to think about things Clearing Experience as well as the perfect weekend unwind for busy career focused Movers & Shakers. Mobile service & travel fee included ($25), Gold Coast area only. Saturday and Sunday 7am-6pm. Outside of these hours will be considered upon request. Appointments must be made at least 24hrs in advance. Summary of treatment is also included ($30) and sent within 24hrs, delivered via email.

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