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Vision Fulfilment

 3 Powerful Sessions that will have you 
Release Realign & Rise




In these 3 powerfully packed sessions over 3 weeks you will clear the stress that has you currently blocked and locked. Release limiting beliefs and behaviours that have been syphoning your energy and start to rewrite the I don’t, I can’t, I’m not enough story that is smothering your life and

suffocating your spirit. Get ready to rise! Have more freedom, command and control over your life.



Session 1: 90 minute Aura Energy Clearing Session

Session 2: 90 minute Higher Level Coaching Assessment

Session 3: 60 minute Intuitive Read, 12 Month Forecast

12 & 24  Week Immersions


12 Week Immersion


Create and experience true career satisfaction by knowing how to communicate what you do and how you do it. Generously share your message and your magic in the market place. Learn how to ask for money for your powerful work. Be Authentic, passionate and inspired in your work.


12 Week Immersion

What if you could do it for real and for life? Heal your body, mind and spirit to end the yoyoing nightmare forever. Walk away from the negative thoughts keeping you in a toxic relationship with your body and step into creating thoughts which leave you feeling deep gratitude, love and appreciation. Isn’t it time you got your sexy on?


12 Week Immersion

Open your heart and your bank account, and bring in more money, in a loving balanced way. Let's start with what you have earned in the last 12 months? In the next 90 days, let's focus on doubling it! Become a magnet for your prosperity as you shift into feeling deeply lit up as old beliefs and habits keeping you stuck on struggle street are released.


12 Week Immersion

It's a vibration thing. During your spiritual journey, unlock the beauty of who you are and your intuitive gifts and magic. Create your inner sanctuary, connect with your spiritual guides and discover your inner child. Learn how to balance your male and female energies within and on the physical plane as you discover your true self.


12 Week Immersion

Stop feeling like you are destined to always be unlucky or alone in love. Attract and connect with the Divine love of your life. Know intimately what your heart needs in order to experience the depth of love. 

Awaken the sacred love codes of your heart call in and share that with your partner with divine ease, joy and pleasure.


24 Week Immersion

How fulfilled in your life are you from 1-100%? Anything less than 80 means you are either recycling stuck in the same old same old. Or you have developed yourself enough where you are at and there is nothing more to learn here! It is time to get out of your comfort zone and create a vision that inspires you and fills you with joy. 

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