The Clearing Space

Your Life is Full, Your Life is Busy

Is it time to put it all down,

just for now

and give your mind some room and space to breathe? 

Clear your Mind, Cleanse your Energy and Rebalance Yourself.  


On the way to creating our life visions so often we question ourselves to the point of paralysis.  We question who we are, have we made the right decisions, are we on track and what could we possibly have within us that is of true value and of enough importance that the world wants to look at, have it and pay us for it. 


Now because of that we become distracted and we procrastinate, sound familiar?  Sometimes we get stuck indefinitely, and sometimes, creating your vision becomes so heavy you question if that was your true vision in the first place.  That stuff happens, everyone experiences it, it's actually veryy normal.

So what is the answer, what is the answer that will solve your problems with just steps 1, 2 and 3?


First off before we go there,

let's check in to see where you are really at, right here, right now.


I mean who are you to want that amazing loved up career or business that enables you to live the lifestyle you dream of and be the contribution to your family, to your community, to humanity the way you always imagined either out loud or in secret.

Who are you to be that person that won't settle for anything less than the fullness of love, the calm of peace, the joy of harmony in ALL aspects of your life?

Really, are you kidding me, you want to see and experience yourself as a sexy healthy honey in a loved up body, What!!! And, your demanding to your Soul Self that the partner that is yours by Divine right be with you now?? And not just any old partner ... but the partner that REALLY does it for you (and you know what I mean don't you).  

Who do you think you are you to demand what you want out loud? To admit unashamedly that you want that luxury designer home filled with the people and all the things you love, or that latest convertible, suv, or that life isn't worth living  if you can't experience what it is like to have that nice sparkly purchase on your well manicured hands :) Why stop there.... lets talk about the happiness you desire not only for yourself and the ones you love but lets talk about all the things you want to do so you can contibute to your community, your country, the world!!


Who are you to want that… and some!!!


If there is anything inside of that, that is true for you, then these Monthly Clearing Classes are for people like you, people that want to be the difference that makes 'All' the difference. It is for the movers, shakers and creative vision makers, like you. Those that know that there is “Stuff” that gets in the way of having your vision realised but that you can, still, regardless of that, realise your vision!

And! they also know that when they move beyond that ‘Stuff’ Holy Tamoli! there will be somewhere along the way, more stuff to investigate, take a look at and move beyond! What I love about people like you is you already know that when the going gets tough it’s usually time for the tough to get fricken still. To get still, to get present and to take the time to reconnect your Self to yourself.


Surround yourself with like-minded others – Bring your support, be supportive, be supported. Clear some stuff, energetically rebalance and Be Yourself on Purpose.

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June Class


June 25th,