Intuitive Read
30th August, 2022

All Readings downloaded are for your own ponderings, this is not to be taken as professional advice, this is for your entertainment purposes only. 

Questions Asked

Q1. 1:45min

I would like to know where my next listing is and what it is? I have been into so many properties now and really need another listing. I have recently arrived in the area and it seems so hard in comparison to where I came from.

Q2. 9:05min

Do you think I should try and get my son into another school and then he could live at home for half the price?

If I apply for bursary assistance  which the school suggested is there a good chance I will get it?


Q3. 10:47min

I am going through a messy divorce and was thinking about getting a private investigator for a week as I think we may find out something he is trying to hide.


Q4. 22:59min

I want to move into finding my  purpose but have so much going on there doesn’t seem to be time to do anything else except what I am doing in my hectic schedule.


Q5. 25:39min

I am going to be presenting an offer to potential clients.  Will I get a yes and is the path I am heading down feasible financially?


Q6. 32:56

Should I be actively dating right now or has it been too short a time since my last break up?