Do you feel like you are sometimes going bananas, around the twist or out of your mind and dont know what to do, who to ask, or what way to turn next?


This page is dedicated to You,

Your thoughts, your tips and tricks 

Your ideas, your accomplishments  

Your break downs and your break throughs.  


                  Together we can support each other

                      on this crazy journey we call life.


All I ask right now is for your patience while I work out how I am going to make this page interactive (being the non-tech wizard that I am).  I'm sure it won't be that hard or to far way.


                 For now send any thoughts you have to  



And remember there is no such thing as a bad banana. Bananas contain tryptophan which converts to serotonin.  The happy mood brain transmitter, relieving stress levels and producing more energy and vitality in the mind and body.  

There you have it the official first YourSelf Positivity tip on this page :) watch out world :) 

Go have a banana or two 

 have awesomeness mixed with loads of fun in your day today

purely because you want to and because you can.


YourSelf Positivity Tips and Tricks