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Access Permanent Transformation and Uplevel with Ease 


Aura Energy Clearing Treatment 

90 minute session: $275.00

  • Release Stress - The purpose of a High Level Aura Cleanse experience is to energetically release the stress that has you stuck in uncertainty and your creativity blocked and locked.  
  • Open the Space - This enables you to transform limiting beliefs and behaviours that have been sapping your energy and then  have the choice to rewrite the I don’t, I can’t, not enough story that has been smothering your experience and suffocating your spirit.​
  • Experience Ease and Flow - Have complete control and freedom to create and manifest with ease.


Coach Me Quick

90 minute session: $320.00

  • Clarity and direction - Clear the 'Stuff' you are cycling around, right now! Wherever you are stuck in self sabotage or procrastination, STOP! and book your session. It is time to go from angst, worry and chaos, and shift into a calm, confident Self, ready to succeed.
  • The Strategy to Success -  Aligning energetically is always the priority, then you must have a clear and direct plan to follow that will get you from A-B and living directly into your 'this is next'  one step at a time.
  • Focused and Inspired - Ease and flow occurs easily when you know who you are inside and out. When your actions are aligned with you and what is resonating in your knowing and your heart, this is where the magic happens.


Intuitive Guidance

60 minute session: $160.00

Ask a minimum of 5 questions as well as receive an overall general reading as we take a look at what is unfolding before you . Knowing what is coming up in the predictable future allows you to either stand in it fully to continue to magnetise it toward you or to make a new decision and choose what you would prefer next. Being forewarned is forearmed and always beneficial being the conscious creator that you are.

Week 1: 90 minute Aura Energy Clearing Treatment
Week 2: 90 minute Higher Level Coaching Assessment/Session
Week 3: 60 minute Intuitive 12 Month Direction Forecast


Release Realign and Rise


3 power packed sessions over 3 weeks.

  • ​Clear stress that has you blocked and locked physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Release limiting beliefs and behaviour that are draining your energy. 
  • Start to rewrite the I don't, I can't, I'm not enough story that is smothering your life and suffocating your spirit.
  • Get ready to rise!  Have more freedom, command and control over your life.


Live Your Passion and Money Mindset Make-over

Both the group trainings are for those who are ready to take their life to the next level, and make it real. Are prepared to step inside of that vision in their minds eye, the detail of it, do the inner and practical work so they can bring into fruition what they previously thought would exist only in their imagination. 

Inside this training, you will discover:

  • ​The Gap between what you want and where you are now so you can make a clear plan ahead.
  • The Core Limiting Belief that has been stopping you in your tracks from moving forward and go from victim mentality to an all out victory dance.
  • Learn Your System Of Success that works 100% of the time.
  • Take Control of your life by doing what you said you would and live a life you love.


Intentional Transformation

ALL of your reality, including a prosperous business, raving clients and putting an end to having to scratch around to find your next dollar, starts with your ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT. So wherever you are, you need to do something different and move out of your cosy comfort zone. 

6  Week Immersion: Vision Fulfilment Program. To Set Your Goal and Succeed.

  • Know Who You Are, what you came here for and learn how to share your message and your magic
  •  Have a clear path and plan to bring your vision to fruition​ and fully in your authenticity.
  • ​Know your truth, speak your truth and live a life of Passion Purpose and Prosperity.​​

    Go Beyond your own realm of what you only thought was possible and into the realm of true potential and possibility. Whether it be in your business or career, your money and abundance. Design a life that is uniquely for you and the legacy you desire to leave.


Elevate Your Energy

Unleash your inner power and elevate your energy? Join us for a transformative event that's all about embracing and learning the art of receiving as much as you give..

📅 Date: 18th August, 2024
⏰ Time: 10:00pm – 4:00pm
📍 Location: Sydney tba
🎟️Tickets $125.00  Afterpay, cash and bank transfer available through the office.

You are invited into a space where you can connect with like-minded others, learn the secrets of manifesting abundance by nurturing the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself. It's time to tap into your own energy, build your self-love toolkit, and watch the magic unfold as you manifest the abundance you know is your truth.

What to Expect
An Interactive Inspirational Workshop: Engage in hands-on activities and exercises including breath work, meditation and movement designed to boost your self-confidence and enhance your manifestation skills.
Aura Energy Clearing and Transformational Process work
Have deep awareness and clear 'your stuff' at the unconscious level, the origin of where all learning occurs. 
Gather and Connect
Join likeminded powerful women who too are doing the inner work, standing fully in their powerful manifestations as empowered conscious creators.  
Gorgeous Gift Give Away 
By attending Elevate Your Energy you enter our Self-Love Gift Giveaway valued at $660.00. The Release Realign & Rise 3 Session and Treatment Pack, includes an Aura Energy Clearing Treatment, 1 x one on one Coaching Session and 1x 12 Month Direction Forecast. This 3 week Immersive will have you step even more fully into your vision and empowerment to call your vision forward. Loving yourself is the gift that keeps on giving.


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