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For the First 3 People who Join me in April...

You will receive a 

Goodie Bag



Let's get your 22 and 23 sorted!  

1x Where Am I At Assessment. 

Valued at $275.00

12 month Platinum Read on your Career, Money Aspect, Health and Wellbeing & your relationship Sector.

Valued at $480.00


4x Tri Monthly Aura Energy Clearing Sessions. 

Valued at $900.00


1x High Level Coaching Session  

Valued at $275.00

Remote House Clearing

Valued at $325.00

Easy 6, 12 and 24 month payment plans available 

All the Detail

Intuitive Reads
on all Aspects 

VALUED AT $480.00

This is  4 x 1 hour sessions on each individual sector of your life. From this point moving forward. See what is  your predictable forecast, what you have coming up, what would be good to pay attention to and what would be a good idea to consider. Forewarned is forearmed, having that inside information has you be intentional on what you want to create next,


House Clearing

VALUED AT $325.00

Whether you have just brought your first home, lived in it for the last 10 years or are ready to sell. The energy within a home can create all sorts of issues if not cleansed regularly.

You may be conscious to low frequencies within the home or not be aware at all. A remote house clearing will address your current issues and bring your home into more balance harmony and flow.

High Level

VALUED AT $275.00

When you need to phone home or phone a friend who has your best intentions and only ever speaks to  possibility, your potentiality and your highest good, then this is perfect to utilise when you need it most.

Aura Energy Clearing Session

VALUED AT $225.00

It is always my recommendation that unless you are in the habit of clearing your own energy daily you  really should consider getting your aura professionally cleaned every 3 months.

Release stress that has you unclear and transform low frequency energy that keeps you playing a small game. When you clear your 'Stuff' you experience more calm, clarity and creativity. Create with love, ease and flow. 

Where Am I Assessment

VALUED AT $275.00

In this 90 minute empowered packed session you will get to the core issue of any problem you are wanting to get clarity around, you will know the grander purpose of why this is happening, and 10 ways you can transform your current experience.

What Next!

If this is for you, let's have a conversation to see if it is a match for where you are currently at. 

This is definitely a life changing experience that will require all of you, and what I mean by that is that you will really want to want that change, you will really have to step in to that next level game. It will require your time  and your commitment to your vision. 

If you are still reading this and ready to go, call me on 0433 079 394 or email me at

If we really do create out lives.. 
whether consciously or unconsciously  
when you know you do 
why would you not create
what you really want.

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