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Welcome to our Heart Based 
Soul Inspired Programs

Passion - 12 week Immersion
GOLD   - 12 week Immersion
24 week Immersion

~Create and experience true career satisfaction.

~Generously share your message and your magic.

~Rewrite your money story that tells you that you have nothing of value to offer and learn how to ask for money in exchange for your powerful work.

~Work life balance does exist create a schedule that runs in your time zone

~Discover the how too’s of connected communication and learn how to enrol others in support of your vision.

~Be the Soul Inspired Preneur you know you are destined to be.


What to plan for and expect

What You Get

All our program offerings - are a twofold mindset and behavioural adjustment process.


Firstly, every week you will attend a 60-90 minute, dynamic, one on one coaching session with Jaxin Brook, 5D Coach Consultant and Energy Activator, in person, via zoom or mobile phone. Together, we will assess your results and review your current strategies and beliefs around creating the success you are after.


Secondly, from that session you will have a weekly assignment personally designed for you and sent to you within 24 hours of your coaching session, this is to be completed during the week and to be returned 24 hours prior to your next coaching session. These assignments are focused on developing your mindset/ attitude and behaviours.

FLOW - Modules



You will get very clear, very specific and be present to what to do next.

You will know what is 100% important to you in the context of your Soulwork.

You will know your expertise, who you desire to be a real contribution to, and how you will present that in the market place.

As you open your heart and your creative inner self you will shift into

a deep level of confidence as the pieces come together quickly,

easily and with crystal clear clarity.

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