The Cashed Up GodDess


it's Next Level

1 Day VIP Immersion - Get your money vibe sorted and make more cash in the following 90 days than you did in last 6 months, and let the good times roll, Gorgeous

  • Transform your energy from attracting lack and become aligned with high money vibes that’ll see an abundance of cash, flow in with divine ease.


  • Bury the poverty princess or prince who tells you making money is hard and life is meant to be a struggle, and shift into a God-Dess who attracts clients, higher paid positions and money so easily that it’s fun!


  • Drop all your money fears and awaken your inner Queen or King of gold, to feel rich, lit up, and deserving of lashings of love and money on express.

Picture this

That you know exactly who you are in this! You have returned to yourself, Fully!  

You are the creator and the generator of abundance, riches and prosperity.  Money arrives in ways beyond what you had ever imagined.

How do you feel

Living an abundant lifestyle gives you the freedom and time, to enjoy being with those special others in your life in more fully heart connected experiences. You know you can do anything you want.


It is time to step into your what next, clear deep wounds that have kept you stuck in mediocrity and that poverty mindset for far too long now.


You are invited into a tranquil, loving, safe space, designed to enhance deep awakening, energised in your mind, body and spirt as you activate your body’s “I AM RICH” codes to delete old, draining patterns and experiences of scarcity and struggle.


Locations: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay

10:00am – 6:00pm.



Welcome and Self Love Initiation,                                           

Intentional Meditation & Breath work                                    


Clarity Consultation                                                                       

12.30 Organic vegetarian lunch is served

1:00pm Aura Energy Body Massage Treatment                  

& Deep Healing Process                                                


3:00pm light refreshment

3:15pm Wound Clearing Love Process                                  

4:00pm Clear Vision and Soul Purpose                                  


5:00pm Purposeful Planning                                                      

6:00pm Complete


Follow up, check in and support.                                            

Your integration and embodiment                             

is important.