Aura Energy Clearing

How This Works

Release stress that has you unclear and in overwhelm, and transform low frequency energy that keeps you playing small. When you clear your 'Stuff' you experience more calm, clarity and creativity. Create with love, ease and flow.

How this Works

Choose the area you desire to clear:





Have your energy read, so you can have awareness what is blocking you from having and experiencing what you want.


After Session Goodness

What you get...

 Your summary includes;

* 1x Transformational belief change experience - that impacts all areas

* The meaning and symbology of the colours that were prominent in your aura energy.

* 3-6x Inner wisdom inspired action steps to move forward confidently and specifically.

* 3x personal mantras that ensure embodiment of your new understanding and truth you are ready be in full expression of.

This is an ONLINE 1 hour session. The sessions are conducted over ZOOM and your session will be available to download for the following 48 hours.