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What You Get

Week 1: Session 1
The High Level Clearing Session

Release stress that has you unclear and in overwhelm, and transform low frequency energy that keeps you playing small. When you clear your 'Stuff' you experience more calm, clarity and creativity. Create with love, ease and flow.

How this Works

Choose the area you desire to clear:





Have your energy read, so you can have awareness what is blocking you from having and experiencing what you want.


During Session Goodness

* 1x Transformational belief change experience - that impacts all areas

* The meaning and symbology of the colours that were prominent in your aura energy.

* 3-6x Inner wisdom inspired action steps to move forward confidently and specifically.

* 3x personal mantras that ensure embodiment of your new understanding and truth you are ready   be in full expression of.

This is an ONLINE 90 minute to 2 hour  session. The sessions are conducted over ZOOM and your session will be available to download for the following 48 hours.

Week 2: Session 2
High Level Assessment

What You Get

Start to shine your light as you as you acknowledge deep seated, restrictive beliefs that were once unconscious and running riot in the background. In this powerful session you will shift into a higher level realm of knowing, that you hold all the power.

How This Works

We are shown where we are at via the mirror of people, places or things. The problem that has presented itself on the surface of your reality looked like the problem, however, you are now aware of the underlying pattern and how it impacted you and how it has played out in your experience. Now that you have had your Aura Energy Clearing treatment, this assessment is designed to assist you at a deeper level even still as you discover the grip it has had and how you can transform that permanently.

After Session Goodness

* Over the next 24-48 hours you will become present to why your life had led you to where you are

  now, your part to play in it and what possibility you are choosing to create now.  

* The following day you will receive the recording of your session and a summary of the


* 7 days following you will receive an email that includes practical and inspiring action steps so

  you can continue to move towards what you are really want.

This is an ONLINE 90 minute to 2 hour session conducted over ZOOM. They are recorded and will be sent to you within 24 hours and available to download for the next 48 hours

Week 3: Session 3
High Level Coaching 

What You Get

This is an ONLINE 90 minute to 2 hour session. The sessions are conducted over ZOOM and your session will be available to download for the following 48 hours.

Together we look at where you are now in comparison to when you first started and we focus on those key actions that will ultimately shift you to where you ultimately want to be.You will complete the session with a new found inner confidence and understanding of who you are and what is possible. Following on from your session you will be given a plan to implement so that you continue to move forward with positive momentum.

How this Works

Together we will continue to work towards the fruition of the goal or vision you are wanting to realise and bring to fruition and fulfilment, you will clear a major block that has been limiting you and keeping you in procrastination and self sabotage.

After Session Goodness

* Within the following 24 hours you will receive your plan and specific action steps that will have you continue to move confidently towards what you want to make real and in a timely manner.

* An opportunity if you choose, to find out how we can continue to work together over time and

make your ultimate vision your reality.

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