Give yourself permission to live

the beautiful juicy loved up life

that is your destiny!


And I will tell you exactly why that is so!


It doesn't seem that long ago that I was running a business that was going very fast down no-where street, in an environment that I didn’t want to work in, teaching classes that I didn’t want to teach and working with clients that I didn’t want to work with. I lived in a tiny overpriced sweat box, I drove a beat-up car and was a regular at the local salvos to get my $5 food box to feed my kids.  I lived in physical spinal pain on a daily basis, my relationships were definitely not made in heaven, I hated myself, I hated my life. EVERYTHING was a struggle, I felt like a big Fat Failure.



The opportunity to change reveals itself in many forms.


Growing up, it was uncommon to not have a two parent family. She was a lover of life, fun to be around, psychic in nature, with a ‘ques sera sera' shine in her approach.  We were considered ‘The Adams family' of the street, most weekends spirits were entertained and outrageous parties hosted, parties that were attractive to anyone slightly mad, bad and a bit out there.


I truely get that my separated parents were doing the best they could. In terms of  what I experienced, a lot of my days the dark side prevailed, parents ill equipped for real love and deep connection, were instead filled with scary fights, substitute daddies, moving houses and attending numerous schools.  Uncertainty and feeling unsafe in unusual environments led to an inner self that was not confident and unsure about what the future may bring.



Why doing the inner work is so important



No surprises here…


I grew up following in EXACTLY the same footsteps, teaching my kids EXACTLY the same things, lost for such a long time in the stories of my past.


3 Defining moments changed the entire course of my life.


Aged 25 my sister passed away, it was then that I asked myself the question, what am I doing here? 

In 1997 I opened my first shop front, I came out of the closet and fully claimed my natural intuitive abilities. I vowed to live it, speak it, and be committed to sharing my work with others no matter how weird it looked.  I came home to myself!

I have met many great woman, men, mentors and teachers in my life. In 2005 the most impactful mentor to date – Christopher Howard.  I grew into myself in ways I didn’t know was possible - I grew up!



I now work alongside many fabulous humans being, looking to love themselves even more deeply and live at that next level. Leaders, visionary's, dreamers who want to live from true expression, be authentic and who desire to impact the world in positive ways. Holding the space, showing, guiding and supporting them to align with their personal truth and birth into reality what is their destiny.


It can all sound rather Gorgeous and Juicy however...


You have got to want it.

Like seriously

You really do

Not say you do

But then do nothing to make it happen

You have got to be willing to FEEL




Are you wanting that?

Are you ready to..

To get yourself out of being trapped and enslaved in your mundane mainstream version of your self?



It is called


Whether it be in your Self, your wellbeing, your calling, your intimate relationships, your abundance, or your family.

Expressing your self authentically

Being seen and heard

And then, from doing that, experiencing the freedom to be, to live how you want in a highly evolved way, in your self and your life

To know your value and reap the reward of that

And be of service and contribution.


Feel and lean in to that, really, honestly and truly what is that like?


Are you ready to do what lights you up?

Are you ready to do what lights the world up?


  It’s called Falling in love

  Falling in love with your self 

  Falling in love with your life.

  Not surprised at all the beautiful things that come your way, because that is naturally who you are.



By sharing with you a bit of my history I hope that what I have written here provides you a glimpse into who I am as a person and the work that inspires me and I have chosen to do and share with you.


I have been in the intuitive, self-love industry for nearly 30 years now.  Over that time I have studied close to 20 various modalities in human health and transformation, helping women and men, get clear and defined about what they want in their lives that is their truth.


As a transformative Healer, Activator, High Level Coach and Creatrix I facilitate one on one sessions, run programs, group trainings and workshops. I share with others how to tap into their inner self, their inner potential and true nature.  Helping others be okay at seeing themselves shine in their area of choosing so they can live a life that is more of who they are and who they want to be. It is a hugely satisfying and fulfilling experience. 


From my own personal journey what  I have discovered is that to

the degree or level of comfortability I have in my own Self, that level, will dictate

how I show up in the world for myself and alongside others.

It is worth taking the time to notice where you are with that.

Call me, let's connect  and have a heart to heart conversation, share with me where you are at.  


Let's speak NOW!!!

Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today

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