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There I was, my back to the floor, on my mat, half-way through and looking forward to the end of my hot yoga class, executing posture #14 of 27 poses.  Pavanamuktasana  - also known as Wind-Removing Pose, and, as it’s name suggests, it prevents flatulence and aids digestion. Darren Brown, my legend of a teacher whom I adore, love and respect, firmly states, “Take hold of both legs and bring them to your chest. Clasp your arms around your legs below your knees, and reach your hands across to grab your elbows, pull your knees to your chest.  ..He continued, and if you can’t grab your elbows, grab your fucking elbows!

Hahahahaha,  ahhhh, he cracks me up, his classes are GOLD!

I come to this class to practice focus, discipline, to grow.

What he was really saying, was how easy it is to stay comfortable and not push oneself, staying within the boundary conditions of the mind. It’s never our body that stops us, it is our mindset. At the gym when your muscle shakes during an exercise, it’s not that it can’t do it, it is developing new muscle memory, right.  This is exactly the same when you are growing your mind set.  While you are in it, you feel stretched, it’s uncomfortable, it can feel overwhelming, you’re not sure about what’s possible and looking forward to when you are on the other side of your session.

2021 – Dare to Dream Big – 360 Degrees Big

The brain is an interesting bit of equipment and it helps if you know how it works. Separated into 3 parts, the fore, mid and hind brain, operate as if each is singular, needless to say, it does not communicate very well together. The hind brain (also known as the reptilian or primal brain) only cares that you are not going to die. It believes that if things are the same you have a higher chance of surviving, that is it’s only mission. So whatever you grew up surviving, your reptilian brain will look for experiences similar, it has no emotions, it does not care how you feel. That is why doing the inner work is important and takes something to stay consistent.

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An OTT analogy for you.

Getting hit on the head with a hammer every day, and the person survives it.

Shared from my coach Michelle Masters. As far as the reptilian brain can tell, a daily dose of hammer hitting is proven to be survivable, not getting hit on the head with a hammer, it cannot imagine, because it doesn't imagine. So when that child grows up and leaves the house at 18 and they go a couple days without getting hit on the head with a hammer, one part of the brain is like, finally… Freedom. The reptilian brain however, gets really nervous and starts looking for somebody to play that game of hammer hitting with. As soon as it happens, it can relax for another 24 hours, because it knows how to survive it. It will continue to run that program because that program is the most dominant.

Now I know that that is extreme but..

But let’s get real about it, we have all been through our own hammer hitting experiences and exactly why it is so important to update those programs however you need.

It makes sense then

If you are going to create something, make it as grand and as big as you can. The dream you always see, the vision that lifts you up, inspires you, feels like freedom mixed with giddyness and fun.  Why go BIG? Because no matter what change you make big or small your reptilian brain is going to freak out anyway.  So go for it and GO BIG!.

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